Job Order Contracting
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Who Uses JOC?

MUNICIPALITIES, such as The City of Chicago, have used JOC since November 1992. To date, 8 departments within The City of Chicago have completed over $330,000,000 in construction and maintenance services.

EDUCATIONAL Institutions, K-12, Colleges and Universities benefit greatly from JOC. The New York City Board of Education instituted a JOC program in 1996 and since then has realized a 91% decrease in procurement time, plus the average project cost is 11.7% under the estimate.

HOUSING AUTHORITIES use JOC for demolition as well as construction. The Housing Authority of Baltimore City has used JOC since 1994 with the focus on modernization and rehabilitation projects. Over 50% of the work was subcontracted to minority and women owned businesses.

FEDERAL need sparked the invention of JOC in 1981. Since then JOC has been developed and implemented for the Department of Defense, including the U.S. Army, the SABER system for the U.S. Air Force, and the Work Order Contracting system for the U.S. Navy. The U.S. Postal Service uses JOC to operate a nationwide program to maintain and rehabilitate over 38,000 separate facilities.

TRANSPORTATION authorities like Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, WMATA and MARTA utilize JOC everyday. MARTA’s JOC program, in Atlanta, includes projects for the rehabilitation of facilities, passenger areas, roofing and paving, plus installation of security devices. 43% of all Job Order work was subcontracted to local minority firms.

HOSPITALS, such as The Ohio State University Medical Center have used JOC since 1995. JOC has been used to rehabilitate labs, medical facilities, classrooms, HVAC system upgrades and site work.

WATER and WASTEWATER departments like the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Waste Water Treatment, have used JOC since 1999 for projects involving actuators, pumps, settlement tanks, roofs, valves and grinders.

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS are often abated with Job Order Contracts. JOC users abate asbestos, lead based paint, bird waste and mold. They also remove fuel tanks, lighting fixture ballasts and lamps and PCB’s with their JOC programs.

What Is JOC Why Use JOC How It Works What Is Required Who Uses JOC Recognition Where Can I Get Help