Job Order Contracting
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What Is Required?

  1. Program Development
    The first step is to define the overall parameters of the system. While JOC is a method of procurement, it is very different from the traditional procurement methods and many things must be considered when organizing a JOC program.

    • JOC Program Structure
      How many contracts, what type of contracts, what will be the Maximum Contract Value? Will the contractors support a geographic area or a particular internal client? All these decisions are crucial to develop the overall program structure.

    • Execution Procedures
      Since JOC is a new and different procurement process for obtaining construction and construction related services, it is critical that the proper procedures and policies be developed. The procedures must cover everything from initiating a JOC project to project close-out. Who initiates projects? Who reviews the Proposal? Who signs the Job Orders? All these questions have to be answered and incorporated into the procedures.

  2. Document Development
    The success of any JOC program is directly related to the quality of the contract documents. Your JOC program must have a Construction Task Catalog, Technical Specifications, Contract and General Conditions and Bid Documents. All these documents must be customized for your specific program and centered around your standards, materials, products and specifications.

  3. Procurement
    Procurement Support incorporates all the activities of the bid process from public advertising to bidding including:
    • Prepare and Conduct an External Marketing Program
    • Prepare and Conduct Pre-Bid Seminars
    • Prepare and Conduct an Internal Education Program

  4. Software
    The JOC information management program that you use must be capable of generating all of the Job Order contract documents including the contractor’s cost Proposal, a cost estimate and all management reports and forms.

  5. Program Implementation and Training
    Program implementation and training incorporates all the activities necessary to train personnel and contractors to perform each step in the Job Order process including:
    • Joint Scope Meetings
    • Preparing Independent Estimates
    • Developing Proposals
    • Reviewing and Validating Proposals
    • Issuing Job Orders
    • Processing Payments
    • Closing-Out Projects

  6. Follow-On Technical Support
    Once the system is progressing smoothly, it will need periodic support including:
    • Prepare new Construction Task Catalogs
    • Prepare new Technical Specifications
    • Revise Contract and General Conditions
    • Update Execution Procedures
    • Manage the procurement of new contracts
    • Train new owner & contractor employees
    • Provide continuous software support

What Is JOC Why Use JOC How It Works What Is Required Who Uses JOC Recognition Where Can I Get Help