Job Order Contracting
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What is JOC?

Job Order Contracting is a unique indefinite quantity type of contract that enables facility owners to accomplish a large number of repair, maintenance and construction projects with a single, competitively bid contract. It eliminates the time and expense of completing the normal design-bid-construct cycle for each project. It allows facility owners to decrease project duration and cost, while increasing quality. Contractors competitively bid an adjustment factor (e.g. 1.15) to be applied to a catalog of construction tasks with pre-set unit prices. The overall contract amount (the sum of the individual projects that may be performed) is expressed as a range in dollar volume for example from $50,000 to $1,000,000. The contractor will be asked to perform a series of projects one after the other. The price for each project will be the pre-set unit prices multiplied by the quantity multiplied by the competitively bid adjustment factor. Prices are never negotiated. The prospect of additional work keeps the contractor motivated to provide timely, responsive, and high quality work.

The Army Corps of Engineers produced a video on Job Order Contracting in 1987 following successful tests at various locations throughout the United States. The 51 minute video was broken down into shorter segments and uploaded to YouTube for all to see. The points made in this video still hold true today. The following are links to the video segments:
  1. Introduction of video and of Harry H. Mellon, inventor of Job Order Contracting.
  2. Mr. Mellon providing a Job Order Contracting Overview.
  3. Mr. Mellon explaining the benefits of Job Order Contracting.
  4. Testimonials
  5. Jim Lovo explaining Job Order Contracting implementation.
  6. Mr. Lovo explaining post award actions.
  7. Overview of the contract process and conclusion.
What Is JOC Why Use JOC How It Works What Is Required Who Uses JOC Recognition Where Can I Get Help